Buy Toys Online – Most Popular Toys

If you want the very best selection of toys to choose from, you really need to buy toys online because no high street store will be able to hold the stock that online stores do. You will find all the most popular toys online as well as a few you’ve never heard of, so browse around here and you’ll find all this and more.   Click on the category titles below to view products and prices

Stress/Boredom Relievers

Stress and/or boredom relievers are incredibly popular at the moment. Simple, cheap and quiet these items just spin round and round. Suitable for adults and children, these can entertain, distress and provide focus. They are said to be ideal for those with ADHD.


A perennial favourite, Play-Doh modelling compound comes in all sorts of quantities and colours and is suitable for toddlers, teaching them creativity and manual dexterity.

Building Blocks

Another educational toy for toddlers which never goes out of fashion. Look for blocks which aren’t small and fiddly but aren’t too big for tiny hands with sturdy prongs to hold the blocks together. Try to buy a set which has compatible add-ons for continuing enjoyment.


Whether for toddlers or teenagers, basketball is popular. For the teenagers a hoop to attach to a wall at professional height will amuse for hours and for kiddies, try the hoop which extends from 2 to 4 feet and which includes balls. Great for creating an interest in sport and developing motor skills.


Well, here’s another old favourite but as well as the tanks, diggers and aeroplanes there’s now a selection of dinosaurs to assemble. However, for the slightly older child, just buy a straight set of Lego bricks and accessories and let their imagination do the work, rather than following a set of instructions to create one item. Lego is great because you can always add to it and it will last kids for years.

Action Figures

From Peppa Pig to Pokemon and from Spiderman to Superwoman, action figures are inexpensive and collectible, making ideal gifts.

Remote Control

While there are remote controlled toys for younger kids, these come into their own with older children. Cars, planes, boats, helicopters, fork lifts, trucks and tanks provide endless hours of entertainment. Don’t forget to buy the batteries!

Bikes and Scooters

To encourage kids of any age to go out in the fresh air, there’s nothing like a bike or scooter. These are available for virtually any age, with the appropriate stabilizing for very young children.

These are just a few of the most popular toys so browse around Cool Toys to Buy and buy toys online for every occasion.